InSync Exterior Shading Controls

InSync ControlsInSync Exterior Shading Controls are the brains of our Engineered Shading Solutions. Our  manual, motorized, automated and integrated  controls systems are a vital  component of our service. Choosing the right control solution can be very  complex as there could be many conflicting variables within your project to  consider: the size, location and number of glazed surfaces and their  orientation as well as the purposing of the building, the number of separate  zones within the structure, its latitudinal location, its daily regime, etc.  
 Control Accessories


An Exterior Shading Control Design Tutorial

We have written a checklist of control system design considerations. 
This consists of useful informaiton when planning for a control system
for exterior window shades. You will learn such things as:
  • 14 way to evaluate a job site
  • 10 levels required for control
  • 11 steps to manage control expectations and their costs
  • 11 points of wireless exterior shade control
  • 10 ways where wireless controls are appropriate
  • 10 ways where wired controls are appropriate