10 Dec 2018
December 10, 2018

An Architect’s Guide To Exterior Solar Shades


Why do we need An Architect's Guide to Exterior Shading Solutions? Because many in the architectural and design community view exterior solar shades as an afterthought, and as a result, they may not give their projects the best chances for success. 

Today's emphasis on sustainable solutions have rushed window coverings to the center stage with other building systems, such as lighting and HVAC. Architect's and designers are becoming aware of the advantages of incorporating window coverings (especially exterior shades) into their building and building facade.

To help educate architects, designers and the Passive House community on Exterior  Shading Systems, we have created "An Architect’s Guide to Exterior Shading Solutions". It is a comprehensive and educational report on the many aspects of designing and specifying exterior window coverings. The guide covers such things as:

Exterior Shades

1. Exterior Shading Solutions and Sustainable Design.
2. Introduction to Exterior Shading Solutions.
3. Benefits of Exterior Shading Solutions.
4. Common Myths of Exterior Shading Solutions.
5. The Passive House and Exterior Shading Solutions.
6. Exterior Shade Products.
7. Exterior Shade Fabrics.
8. Exterior Shading Controls.
9. Completed Exterior Projects.

To download "https://www.insyncsolar.com/an-architects-guide-to-exterior-solar-shades"
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Architect's Guide to Exterior Shading Solutions

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05 Dec 2018
December 05, 2018

Control Shading and Drapery Using Power Over Ethernet


Control Shading and Drapery Using Power Over Ethernet with the SDN PoE Gateway by Somfy System. This is a great system that lowers costs and improves efficiency with power over ethernet shading. This PoE Gateway System by Somfy that worked great when we installed for a school district recently using PoE technology.

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26 Nov 2018
November 26, 2018

The Shading Consultant


The evolution of window-coverings have spanned centuries. In the early 1700’s, the Scotch Holland Window Shade was produced in Glasgow, Scotland. But it wasn’t until 1864, when Stewart Hartshorn patented the first spring roller that enabled these shades to function without cord and pulleys.

We’ve come a long way since those primitive days of window-coverings, though the same spring roller is still available today. Back in those days, and not too far in our recent past, most people considered a window-covering nothing more than an afterthought.

However, with the advent of unique functioning systems, precise abilities of control, and innovative fabrics, today’s window-coverings have evolved into https://www.insyncsolar.com/shading-solution-consultant.

The difference between a window-covering, and an Engineered Shading Solution, is where the former can indeed be an afterthought, the latter however, is considered an essential element of a building system.

In essence an Engineered Shading Solution is a sustainable system for an interior or exterior windows, which engage the latest technologies to control heat, glare, and light.

With the advent of these technological advances in the industry, it has become challenging for Architects to keep up with the variety of design and control options. So what do Architects do when faced with new, exciting yet overwhelming choices?

The answer is to rely upon an expert consultant. This is nothing new, as we see a litany of specialists engaged to work on projects, such as: lighting, acoustics, audio-visual, façade, security, landscape, radio frequency, to name a few.

Shade Consultant

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14 Nov 2018
November 14, 2018

Shades for Tilt and Turn Windows


Tilt and Turn windows have become more and more popular especially in new construction in New York City. We finally have a solution to provide shades for the typically difficult to cover tilt and turn windows. Using the track system allows the shades to stay in place when operating either of the two distinct window functions of tilt and turn windows: swinging in like a door, or tilting the top of the sash into the room for ventilation (see below).

Tilt and Turn windows

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14 Nov 2018
November 14, 2018

Interior Motorized Shades at The Forum at Columbia University


The building industry has gravitated towards glass facades with floor to ceiling windows.  They offer spectacular views and a sleek appearance that is almost expected in any new design.  With all that glass window coverings can no longer be treated as decorations or an afterthought.  Shading systems applied to glass facades must be viewed as a building system, on par with lighting, and HVAC.

Interior shades columbia university

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01 Oct 2018
October 01, 2018

Draper Flexshade ZIP Exterior Shade Wind Test


The Draper FlexShade® ZIP is often used to protect outdoor spaces from sun, heat, wind, and insects. Because the FlexShade® ZIP is used in some especially windy areas of the world, Draper wanted to see how much wind the product could withstand.

Draper Flexshade ZIP

When a shade system is being used outdoors, it’s important that it be as resistant as possible to wind and weather. Draper’s FlexShade ZIP is often used to protect outdoor spaces from sun, heat, wind, and insects. Its wind resistance comes from extruded aluminum side channels that incorporate plastic inner channels. Cushioning pads dampen fabric movement, and “zip” details attached to the fabric’s edges keep it in place. Because the FlexShade ZIP is used in some especially windy areas of the world, Draper wanted to see how much wind the product could withstand.

“We wanted to understand the limits of our product better,” said Clint Childress, LEED®AP, solar control solutions product manager for Draper. “With exterior shading, end users and designers want to know the performance in the elements. The testing helps show and give guidelines.”

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07 Jun 2018
June 07, 2018

Passive House Exterior Shades in Madrid


We are excited to showcase a new Passive House Exterior Shade project by Bandalux that was just installed in Madrid. The "Casa Titania" project is Passivehaus Certified and was installed with Bandalux Exterior ZIP Shades using PolyScreen Solar and blackout fabrics. Below are a few examples of the completed installation. 

Exterior ZIP Shade

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16 May 2018
May 16, 2018

Glossary of Shade Terms


Here are the most popular Glossary of Shade Terms that is a great reference and guide to your shading needs and projects. For more information on any of the terms listed below contact us today at sam@insyncsolar.com

  • Ball Stops
    Upper and lower stopping limits for bead chain clutch shades.
  • Bead Chain
    Operating chain for shade clutches.
  • Bead Chain Connector
    Metal piece to connect ball chain.
  • Blackout Shade
    A shade that allows no light to pass through the fabric.
  • Bottom-Up Shade
    When a shade pulls up from the bottom of the window to the top.
  • Bracket
    Mounting point for shade. Use the term "bracket when providing shade without fascia.
  • Bracket Cover
    Decorative cover for brackets.
  • Cassettes
    Aluminum housing for shade roller, fabric, brackets and controls.
  • Ceiling/Wall Headbox
    Consists of decorative front fascia panel and top cover. Shade is accessible by removing fascia.
  • Chain Hold Down
  • Safety device to keep chain taut.
  • Clutch
    Bead chain operated for manual roller shades. 
  • Coupler
    Allows one motor or crank to operate multiple shade fabric bands.
  • Daylighting
    Daylighting is the practice of placing windows or other openings and reflective surfaces so that during the day, natural light provides effective internal lighting. 
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08 May 2018
May 08, 2018

Passive House Exterior Shades


The Passive House is designed to achieve maximum solar heat gain by orienting its largest windows with southern exposure with the intent of providing at least 50% of the building’s heating demand, and exterior shades are the perfect solution! Read MoreExterior ZIP ShadeWhile this works well in the winter months when the low angled sun radiates heat into the space, this solar radiation becomes excessive during the summer months and needs to be shaded. InSync Solar provides both exterior and interior shades with the needs of the Passive House in mind.

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08 May 2018
May 08, 2018

Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse

Deborah Berke Partners is a New York-based architecture and interior design practice who was one of 16 design firms that were selected to participate in the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse.  
designer ripplefold draperies
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