22 Apr 2016

New Interior Solar Shade Fabric Technology


We are excited to annouce the newest feature for interior solar shade fabrics called "Seal-n-Split". This new patented process creates a perfect edge for interior roller shade fabrics, eliminating the typical "frayed" edges (as seen in the below picture).

solar shade fabric seal and split

Solar shade fabrics have gained popularity for the sun and glare protection they provide while still allowing a view outdoors. However, with traditional shade fabrics, the edge of the shades are left unfinished. The problem with an unfinished edge is that it frays, and the fraying only increases with use. Over time, increased fraying will hamper the ability of the fabric to properly roll onto the tube. Attempts to seal the edge with conventional methods create a wide, solid seal along each edge that compromizes the aesthetics of a shade.interior shade fabric seal n split

To solve this problem,, we have developed a patented process that seals and cuts the fabric in a single operation. The fabric is heated to 800-1000º F along the edge to be cut. A wheel then compresses and seals a line in the fabric followed by an ultrasonic cutter. The seal is split in half lengthwise to create two perfectly sealed edges. This allows a melted, sealed edge that is only 1-2 mm wide (less than 1/16" of an inch) - as you can see below.


There is a big difference in quality when the "Seal-n-Split is applied to the fabric. The process creates a perfectly crisp, sealed edge that completely eliminates the fraying, inherent to solar shade fabrics. Now there are no unsightly wide melted edges as with conventional cutting methods.solar shade fabric seal and split Seal-n-Split offers an economical way to keep shades looking clean, beautiful and enduring as the day they were installed.

solar shade fabric seal and split

For more information or questions on this new addition to our line of products, please contact us today by clicking here or email us at sam@insyncsolar.com