29 Sep 2017

Cable Guide Exterior Shades Installation


We would like to share a recent installation of Cable Guide Exterior Shades at a waterfront home in Connecticut. As you can see, the pictures of the the OBox , fabric and components were all designed to match the white exterior facade of the patio which turned out beautifully!

Cable guide exterior shades

The round O-Box headbox is one of our favorites, especially when used with steel cable guides as seen in the below photo. The round cassette provides a seemless design blending into the existing siding and is inherently minimalist and beautifully created. This is a great feature if you are unable to recess the headbox, as it looks great when visible.Cable guide exterior shades

These motorized Cable Guide Exterior Shades by Bandalux USA are hard wired with power brought to each window location, giving the homeowner the comfort and ease of operating the shades.Cable guide exterior shades

Another great feature and one of the main reasons why we insist on motorizing our exterior shades as opposed to manual operation, is the ability to add wind and weather sensors to your shades. This allows the system to act on its own while you are away in case there is a storm or high windows, the shades will automatically retract out of the way. 

cable guide exterior shades

To learn more about this OBox Cable Exterior Shade system or any of our custom Exterior or Interior shading systems for your home, office or Passive House, contact us today by clicking here or email us at sam@insyncsolar.com